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Frequently Asked Questions
Becoming our Resident

Becoming our Resident

Q:  How will you make a decision whether or not I am qualified to rent one of your homes?

A:  We will ask you to fill out an application and pay a $25 application fee once you have decided on a particular home. We then use your application and fee to check your background using a national tenent registry database. This database returns a composite score which is made up of your financial ability to pay the rent, your prior rental history, and a criminal background check. As long as your composite score comes back as satisfactory, we will notify you of your qualification.

Q: I will be living with my boyfriend. Should we apply jointly?

A: We will run a background check on every adult occupant, who will also need to be a signatory on the lease agreement. However, one of you must qualifiy individually to be eligible.

Q: Do you do monthly rentals?

A: We only sign a minimum of 12 month contracts.

Q: Do you provide insurance for my belongings in the rental home?

A: We do not provide any insurance coverage of our resident's personal belongings. We strongly encourage you to take out a renter's policy to protect your personal belongings from potential damage and/or theft.
Hiring us as Your Property Manager

Hiring us as Your Property Manager

Q: Why should I use a property manager?

A: If you have no experience being a property manager, you will make mistakes that can be costly. I always teach my new property managers that they have no idea how bad a judge of character they really are until they become a property manager...this saying has always been true in my experience! You may be a very 'hands-on' person who loves to be around people, repair leaky faucets, and save some money. Go ahead...do it yourself! You'll soon find out that being a resident's best friend will not only cost you dearly, but will challenge your will to make repairs in the middle of the night when they call you since they are so comfortable with you. One day you'll realize that the money you lost exceeded what you would have paid a property manager, without the trouble!

Q: Why should I hire Arcus Property Group, LLC?

A: Where other property management companies constantly seek those huge multi-unit and apartment management contracts, we only manage single family rental homes. This means two things for you, 1) Your management contract with us will never be one small unit compared to 'Jon Smith's' 120 unit apartment building complex, and 2) As we only manage one type of rental property, we have built-in efficiencies and expertise that will make your rental home a consistent financial investment for years to come.

Q: Will you accept any residential property for management?

A: There are areas and neighborhoods where we refuse to be a property manager. We reserve the right to turn away any management offer as we deem necessary.

Q: What is your fee schedule?

A: We charge 10% of the monthly rent as our management fee.

Q: If a repair is necessary, how do you work with the owner?

A: Our management agreement spells out both party's roles when a repair is necessary. In short, any item less than $200/repair is generally taken care of without prior notification to the owner. Larger repair jobs will be accomplished in consultation with the owner. We will work with the resident, contractor, and you to facilitate estimates for repair to completion of the repair.

Q: Am I automatically responsible for all repair costs?

A: No. This becomes a function of our lease agreement with your resident. Generally, the resident is responsible for the first $25 of any repair, and they must contact us to initiate the repair process. That said, if it becomes apparent that the resident caused the damage due to their negligence or that of their guests, they will be responsible for the entire cost of the repair. Sometimes, an immediate repair is not necessary (like a window screen, fence repair, etc.) and may be deferred. We will consult with you regarding deferable repairs.

If you maintain a home warranty on your property, we will tailor the lease agreement for that specific arrangement.

Q: When will I receive the rent check each month?

A: Assuming the resident pays on-time, we process our electronic payments directly to your directed bank account generally by the 8th of each month. You will receive an email statement by that time as well, detailing all financial activity for your property.

Q: Who makes the final decision as to who becomes a renter in my home?

A: We will accomplish a full background check on every applicant for your property. Assuming they rank highly on the background check, we will go ahead with a lease agreement and notify you that the property has been rented. If the applicant is marginally qualified with no other applicant in sight, we will contact you to discuss your options and share relevant information regarding the applicant. Due to privacy laws, we cannot divulge personal informaton regarding the applicant. We reserve the final right to turn down any unqualified applicant.
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