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Search Rental Properties by Price

To our investors
We highly value our investor’s trust in us and will treat their investment as if it is our children’s money. We promise to protect our investments from unnecessary risk, and we will always seek the maximum, most efficient return on our investments.

In today’s uncertain marketplace, it is difficult to know where to put your hard-earned money. The old equation of going to school, getting a good job, contributing to your 401k/IRA, “diversifying” in multiple mutual funds, and slowly restacking your portfolio into bond securities as you near retirement simply does not work anymore.

Our current economy is full of pitfalls to that model – bond securities are yielding next to nothing, especially US Treasuries. If interest rates go up even a little bit, people invested in bond securities will lose – bigtime! Do you think interest rates will be going up? I would say that it’s not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”.

Even sophisticated investors see this risk in bonds, so they play in the equity markets. The problem there is that today’s volatility is like no other! Gone are the days when volatility was “predictable”. Today’s stock market is like the 15 year old daughter of the economy…one little piece of news causes dramatic and unpredictable swings in equities prices. If you like roller coasters, have fun!

Educated investors are taking a hard look at real-estate. In fact, many have been in the market for some time now. This is the “perfect storm” for real-estate investors because of the supply of highly discounted properties on the market, very low interest rates, very few other investors compared to 2007, and finally, a very high demand for rental homes.

Arcus Property Group, LLC is a family run business with the expertise to identify, acquire, rehabilitate, and create a valuable asset that puts money in your pocket every month.

You do not have to deal with the headaches of being a landlord, but you can get the benefits of owning residential real estate! If you would like more information about potentially investing in residential real estate, please give us a call.
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