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Need a Property Manager?

Need a Property Manager?

Search Rental Properties by Price

Search Rental Properties by Price

Do You Need a Property Manager?

Do You Need a Property Manager?

Are you tired of trying to manage tenants in the home you couldn't sell? Have you decided to rent out your home in the Temple/Belton area, but not sure if you should hire a property manager? Perhaps you are a cash flow investor, but have no desire to manage your rental properties. If any of these situations describes you, or you have simply decided that you need great, affordable property management, Arcus Property Group, LLC stands ready to help and serve!

We have over ten years experience as property managers and know all the traps that property owners can stumble into. "You have no idea what a poor judge of human character you are until you become a property manager!" Those are my words of advice to the homeowner that has no experience managing a rental home. At first, they have no idea what I'm talking about, but they quickly learn after loosing unnecessary money and time by picking the wrong tenant.

With our experience, we will bring only qualified tenants that stay a long time, take care of your home, and pay ontime. Should they deviate, we have many tools at our disposal to replace them with another good tenant, without undue delay. Most of the time, we can avoid going to court to get the desired result. 

We know that every day your home is vacant, it costs you money. We carefully screen our tenants and build a relationship of trust and responsiveness, which generally turns into a long term relationship. 

We stay abreast of current market rental rates and will respond to market changes as they develop, eliminating the risk of leaving unnecessary money on the table for the homeowner.

Let's face it...your property manager can make or break your rental investment. Hire a reputable company with experience; Arcus Property Group, LLC.

Management Fees

Base management fee        10% monthly rent

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